Flat White is located in the vibrant heart of Soho amidst the Berwick Street Market: A frontier land between the Old Soho of street traders, fabric stores and vinyl shops and the New Soho of creative industries, media and fashion.

Flat White was established in September 2005 to bring the refined artisan style coffee prevalent in Australian and New Zealand cafes to London.

Flat White has become a rendezvous for Soho locals and a haven for Australian and New Zealand expats and travellers desperate for a good coffee in the capital.

You can find us at 17 Berwick Street W1F0PT

We are open
Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm.
Weekends and bank holidays 9am to 6pm.

Call us on 0207 7340370

Our email address is flatwhiteberwick@gmail.com

We sell our own Square Mile single origin blend in house, that changes every few months, and also sell 350g retail packs that we're happy to grind for you.

Sorry no Wi-FI or card facilities and yes we do have soy milk.

flat white noun /Austral. flaat whyette/ /NZ flet wyte/
1 An antipodean style coffee which is served as a strong shot of espresso served in a small cup with textured milk;
a damn good strong coffee.
2  51.51 (51°30') | -0.13 (0°8').
flattie noun. colloq. flat white; I'm gonna smash back a couple of flatties bro /NZ/ mate /Austral./